Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; his love endures forever.
— Psalm 118:1 NIV

Simple. To the point. This is a verse that I am dragged back to day after day, week after week. This is a verse I want to posture my life after. I want to walk in a posture of gratitude—not based on the circumstances around me, not based on the things I receive or don’t receive but based on the outstanding truth that He is good.

I just want to break it down for you. There are two parts I look at. We are told to “give thanks to the Lord, for He is good.” For He is good, period. It doesn't say “He is good when I get an ‘A’ on my test” or “He is good when I am in a relationship” or “He is good when x, y, z happens.” It says “For He is good.” His goodness goes beyond circumstance. His goodness is bigger than where we have been, where we are or where we will be. His goodness is the unchanging. We get the choice to grab on to His goodness because He is God and we are not. And it doesn't just stop there. It goes on to read “for His love endures forever.” Another promise we can hold onto. His love is never-ending. His love is never failing. His love is unchanging. Me, you, we are not the exception of that. It doesn't say that His love endures until you mess up or His love endures when you are perfect. When we read the scripture as truth it says that His love endures forever. Forever. As you go onto read the rest of Psalm 118, that part is repeated 4 times. Four times we are told that His love endures forever. I think we can take that as an important message. I know when my mom repeats something to me four times that I should probably listen. This psalm is opened and closed with the same verse. It’s opened by telling us to “give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His love endures forever.” and it is closed by repeating the same thing. Nothing changes from the beginning to the end of this verse.  


his love endures forever

This is my favorite verse because it doesn't matter where I am or what day I am having— I know that His love endures forever. There have been days that I haven't gotten out of bed because it was too hard. There have been days where I have not gone to class because I couldn't stop crying. To be honest on those days I didn't believe this verse. I believed that He is good for everyone else but me. But if I believe his word to be the truth that I get to believe that He is good to me and His love endures forever includes me as well. 

I want this to serve as an encouragement to you. No matter what year you are, no matter what your freshman year has looked like or no matter how horrible of a break you’ve had you still have a choice to hold onto what is true. He is just as good on your best day as He is on your worst day. My challenge to you is to walk with a grateful heart. Let that be your anthem. He is worthy of our praise always. When we walk in gratitude our eyes start to turn away from our wants and our desires and we focus on His will and way. We start to turn our eyes to the unconditional goodness that is God rather than the conditions we are walking through. 


God, I thank you that you are good. I thank you that your love endures forever. I pray that today we would really begin to focus on that truth. No matter what circumstance we are going through right now I pray that our eyes would be locked on you and who say we are. 

-Ashley Gibson