1. Community

This is not in random order - community is first because it will be the number one thing you get to experience on the Freshley retreat if you allow it. Both, the introvert and the extrovert, will be given plenty of opportunity to meet new people and make some friends. Your part is to come and try. That doesn't mean try to fit in or try to be someone you're not - it means come, be your true self, and open yourself up to finding new community. 

2. Encountering God

We believe that if you come on the retreat and really let yourself be present, you'll encounter God. We believe that God wants to show what He's like to each person and that He will use this weekend to do that. 

3. Fun

This weekend is designed for fun! There will be something for everyone - whether your type of fun is big group games, card games, getting to know a few new people, or being alone in nature, there will be something in this weekend for you!


We believe that if you truly give yourself to the first two - opening yourself up to new community & to encountering God - the third will be unavoidable. We can't wait to see you there!

- Freshley Staff