We're going to Jamaica for spring break! Sounds awesome, right? That's an easy yes.

At the onset we all want to end up at Jamaica with Freshley for spring break. But after the initial excitement fades, sometimes a few lurking concerns can cause people to question whether the trip is truly for them. Rather than just skirting over these issues, though, we want to bring light to some very important questions surrounding the trip and its intentions in hopes to dispel those fears.

1. Aren’t short term mission trips pointless? 

Recently in the blogosphere, short term mission trips have come under fire. And can some short term mission trips be pointless? Of course. But just because some poorly planned short term mission trips look more like vacation, doesn’t mean they are all bad. 

Here are a few things we do to make sure our trips have purpose:

-We go to the same sites every year. So we have developed long term relationships with our hosts. Therefore, our projects are well thought out, and make a big difference.

-We go ready to serve. One of the main reasons we go on mission trips is to learn to serve. Thus, on the Jamaica trip you can expect to work hard.

-We do not neglect sowing spiritual. The houses we build, they won’t last forever. The wall you build, while helpful, won’t last forever. But the prayers you pray, the intercession you make, those prayers are heard by God and will have spiritual significance until Jesus comes back. 

2. I am nervous about the money. 

It makes sense, the trip is not cheap. But where God calls, God provides. The majority of Wesley staff lives off of missionary support that they raise themselves, and so we know how to raise support. If you will give yourself to raise support the way we train you, 95% of you will be able to raise your full amount. In fact, one of the best parts of the trip is learning how much God loves to provide for your needs.

3. I don’t know anyone going. 

Ok, but our trip is not filled with cliques who are looking to exclude you. On the contrary, it is people just like you looking to connect and build community with others. We may not know you yet, but we can’t wait to get to know you...and stay up late talking...and pray with you...and serve alongside you. 

4. I am not sure if it is safe (usually your parents). 

We do everything we can to make these trips as safe as possible. First off, the Jamaica trip is actually split into 3 different trips due to size. Every trip is somewhere between 45-60 students and then is led by 5-8 Wesley staff members, all who have led trips to Jamaica multiple times. We do scouting trips before the teams come down to check out all the worksites where we will be working to ensure safety. The places we stay are Jamaican hotels or missions bases, and are all safe. Every student will be supervised by a trip leader at every worksite, and anywhere we go. 

5. Wouldn’t it just help the Jamaican’s more if we just gave them all the money we raise to go on the trip? 

Honestly, that is very short term thinking. With the Jamaica trip, we have long term goals. We view this trip more as an investment into both your spiritual life and the Kingdom of God. Here are a few examples of what I mean:

 -Many people leave Jamaica forever changed. Think of the potential kingdom impact one person can have over the next 60 years of their life.

 -For many its a first step towards becoming mission minded christians. Most full time missionaries are called to missions through short term trips. How will you know if God is calling you to go for a lifetime if you’ve never served for at least a week? And for those who are not called to go, they will not be much more likely to give, and help send missionaries.

 -Serving our hosts. One of the greatest things we do in Jamaica is serve and encourage the people who are there full time serving the Lord. They love when our teams come because we help their ministries in both practical and spiritual matters. When we leave, they are refreshed to serve the Lord in a greater way.

We want every person involved at Freshley in Jamaica this summer - literally every single one. However, we also understand God has other things for some of those people this spring break. With that said, if one of the reasons stated above is the thing holding you back from signing up for Jamaica, we're simply asking you to reconsider. Reconsider whether it's wisdom or fear that's holding you back. Any of us here on Freshley staff would be more than happy to talk to you about any questions you may have. Click below for info and sign ups.


-Daniel Simmons