This spring break, Wesley will be taking their 13th trip of freshmen to Jamaica. We go to three different locations: Montego Bay, Port Maria, and St. Anns. We have seen God to powerful things in the Jamaicans' lives as well as our students' lives during this week. Needless to say, we really believe in what God does on this trip and can wait to see what He'll do this year! Our Freshley director, Daniel Simmons, has been on this trip several different years and has seen God move over and over. Because of that, he wants to give those of you who haven't been an idea of what you can expect if you sign up to go this year.

1. God to do something new in you

God seems to speak clearer in Jamaica. Does He actually? No. It’s often we are simply more willing to listen. When you put yourself in a new environment, minus the distractions of your normal flow of life, God will often take that opportunity to do something great inside of you. The vast majority of people who go on this trip leave with God having done something remarkable inside of them.

2. Begin to develop a heart for missions

40% of the worlds population have never heard the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is the mission of the church to see the good news of God spread to people of every tribe, tongue and nation. Jamaica is a great opportunity to take a first step into cross cultural ministry, and see what it is like ministering in a new culture.

3. Build authentic community

While in Jamaica we serve together, worship together, pray together, learn together, play spike ball together (among other things). This unique environment always fosters an incredible opportunity for students to build relationships with other students. When else are you ever going to be able to climb up a waterfall that empties into the ocean?

4. To be a blessing to the people you serve

One of the best things about the Jamaica trip is we go to the same sights every year. We know the people. We are friends with them (both on facebook and in real life). Because of our continuity with our host, we are able to do projects that are incredible blessings to the Jamaica people. For instance, over the last few years in Montego Bay we have built over 5 homes for previously homeless families. Not a bad way to spend your spring break.

5. Fall in love with the Island

Often our worldview is more American than it is biblical. Heres the problem: God’s not American. The Jamaican people have much to teach us about both life and God. While in Jamaica, you can expect to learn what it means to pray for a country, to share God’s heart for a people group, and how powerful is is to truly connect with someone from another culture.

- Daniel Simmons

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