(First off, check out some of the interns above loving game day during their student years)

1. Tailgating

As a freshmen, it's easy to miss out on half of the fun of Gameday by skipping tailgates! You'll often find Wesley and Freshley friends tailgating at Myers Quad (the grassy square behind the South Deck). We suggest you get your small groups together to go tailgating and go to the game - then you can meet each other's friends and roommates that you bring along with you!

2. How to Dress

Look at the weather forecast and then add about ten degrees to figure out what it'll feel like in the stadium. It's just always so much hotter in there. If the weather is supposed to be hot that day, don't break out your new red-and-black sweater - it's just not worth it. There will be cold games for that. Ladies, remember that whatever straps you wear on your dress will stay with you. You will likely get tan lines, so keep that in mind! And unfortunately, as the games get colder, they get really really cold. So forget about your outfit and get warm!

3. Don't Forget

Your student ID. You'll be so mad if you're first in line and then remember you don't actually have your ticket to get in. There are a few other important things not to forget: sunglasses, sunscreen and deodorant. Girls, bringing a purse in for these things is worth it. Get a small one that goes across your body so it's easier to carry around. Guys, make friends with a girl with a purse who wouldn't mind letting you store some stuff in her purse for the day!

4. Hydration

Drink lots and lots of water! We're not trying to be your mother - you just need it! You'd be surprised how many people pass out at football games and are really embarrassed. Don't let that be you. You can buy free refill drinks at the stadium - find a friend who wants to split the price on one and it's not so bad! Also, never think you're gonna get away with "running" to the bathroom "real quick" during halftime. Everyone is thinking the same thing. This is when you must make a very difficult decision - do I miss the end of the second quarter or the beginning of the third? 

We hope you have awesome gamedays! Go Dawgs!

- Freshley Staff