This blog post is from the Wesley director here at UGA, Bob Beckwith. He has a big heart for UGA campus, and wanted to give some advice to college students that he wishes someone had told him:

Hindsight is amazing.  If I could do things over, I'd do many things differently.  Too bad life doesn't work that way.  But, we can learn upfront from people who have been there and done that.  Here's 4 things I wish someone had told me when I was a first year student.

1. You didn't get to choose your DNA, hometown, or siblings.  But, you do get to pick who you are and what your life is all about.  Decide what you value most and start now building your life around those things.  Don't just drift into the path of least resistance.  There's nothing wrong with ending up in an 'ordinary' vocation (most of us do), if you make sure your life lets you to do the things you're most passionate about.


2. Balance relationships and achievements.  Many of us are naturally better at one, so we neglect the other.  Give yourself to both.  Relationships are the essence of life - there is no substitute for at least a few good ones.  And yet grades, jobs, and achievements matter.   Be intentional with whatever one you're weakest at.


3. Every now and then you'll meet someone who really knows the Lord.  Usually that's years in the making.  Start now getting to know the Lord, His Word, Voice and Presence, and one day the deeper depths will be available to you.


4. It's only football, but it really is great to be a Georgia Bulldawg. Always give God thanks that your team color isn't orange.  A little gratitude will make everything else in life that much sweeter.