UGA is a huge campus and Athens is an incredible city. As a new freshmen, it's easy to feel like just making it through the day without getting on the wrong bus is a win. So we want to let you in on a few secrets that most UGA students should eventually learn. 


You may have already hear of Koofers, but if you're not actually using it to register for classes, you should. Koofers is a website that students sign up for and rate their experience with a certain teacher. Past students may include old notes, flashcards, and maybe even some comments about the teacher's teaching style that would help you decide if you should take the class or not. Sometimes, whether you enjoy a class or not is solely based on getting the right teacher for you.

2. Hodgson's @ Five Points

Hodgson's is a little drug store at five points that also happens to sell delicious ice cream! Not only does the ice cream taste really good, but it's really inexpensive, too.

3. The UGA Main Library

Many students never step foot in the library, but that's a huge mistake. First of all, to get to the main library, you'll get to take a gorgeous walk through North Campus. Second of all, the library has tons of really spacious, quiet places to study. But there are two more important reasons: you can check out books for your classes there for free & you can check out numerous movies, games, and TV series on the media floor.

4. Two Story

There are numerous reasons why Two Story should be a place you go to frequently if you don't already. Two Story is a coffee shop in a little two story house at Five Points across from Earth Fare. Not only is their coffee fantastic, but it also has the atmosphere of home. As you spend more time at Wesley, you'll likely start to recognize many of the people sipping coffee at Two Story. We love it.

5. Georgia Square Value Cinemas 5 (aka The Dollar Theater)

While inappropirately named "The Dollar Theater" since movies are now $2.50 there - this is a great way to save some money, but still get the theater effect. This theater is located behind the Georgia Square Mall on Atlanta Highway. Generally, you'll find movies that have been out of theaters for a few months appear here. 

7. Miss Sandra at Snelling

If you don't know Miss Sandra yet, you should. She will be the sweet, smiling lady that greets you and asks to give you a hug when you walk into Snelling each day. If you're ever feeling down, Miss Sandra will definitely put a smile on your face.

6. Weekends in Athens

This one is our favorite. Many freshmen haven't become accustomed to Athens yet, and assume they should go home on the weekends once their classes aren't keeping them busy. However, we believe that during the week is when you meet people and the weekends are when they become your friends. Even if you spend more time than you wish alone at first, letting Athens become your home for at least the next 4 years is totally worth it. There are so many hidden treasures in this town as well as wonderful people who can become your community!

Again, we want to invite you to join our community! The way we offer community is through Monday night small groups for Freshmen or providing you with a discipler and discipleship group if you're older. Freshley meets Monday nights @ 8pm at Wesley. Wesley meets @ 8pm at Tate Ballroom on Wednesday nights. You're invited!