From the Staff: What Small Groups Meant For Me

As a freshmen ministry, we really value small groups! It's our way of bringing freshmen who are new to UGA into community with others who are in similar walks of life. As a part of the Freshley body, you'll have the opportunity to sign-up for a small group that you get to meet with throughout the year. Here are a few testimonies from our interns about their Freshley small group experiences.

Laura DeGroot

Coming into a huge university and living in a high rise dorm, walking through packed dining halls and filing into 300 person lecture halls for classes made me feel so small and insignificant.  I had made some friends in my sorority but I still felt like everywhere I went on campus was overwhelmingly full of people that did not have time for little, insignificant me.  I was told about Freshley through a friend and decided to give it a try.  I heard about small groups and knew that I wanted to be involved in one.  After joining a small group, I found that community I had been looking for.  I knew that the girls in my group and my leaders wanted me there and they had time for me.  I walked in each week to faces that knew me and loved me. They wanted to encourage me and walk through life with me.  I formed lasting relationships that I still have today, 6 years later.  Small groups allowed me to make 36,000 uninterested people into 10 who deeply cared.

Daniel Bailey

When I came to UGA for my freshman year, I went from being someone who was known throughout my high school to what seemed liked just another number in a crowd of people. I had a few people from my high school here, but I struggled to develop friendships with new people during my first couple weeks. For me, small groups gave me a new community of people that cared about me. It gave me people who would keep me accountable, and being in small group gave me revelation that I matter and that God genuinely cares about me.

Michele Houston

As a freshmen, I really wasn't sure who I wanted to be. I was kind of shy and really valued friendships that could be real with each other which was hard to find at such a big school. I joined a small group with Freshley and found a place that I could call home. Four of the girls from my small group became my best friends, one of whom I am living with for the third year in a row. I found a place where I could truly be myself and let my walls down. God did things in my life through this community that I don't think would have happened if I hadn't joined.