1. Watch Your Favorite Christmas Movie

If you're in need of a break that will get you in the Christmas (after-finals) spirit, watch your favorite Christmas movie! We suggest Home Alone 1 & 2, the Grinch, or Elf.

2. Bake a Dessert

If you're wanting to get creative, choose a dessert to bake! We suggest red velvet cupcakes, gingerbread men cookies, or Oreo balls.

3. Drive to Jittery Joes in Watkinsville

If you're looking to get out of the house for a while and take a drive, try going to Jittery Joes in Watkinsville. Take Milledge until it dead ends and then turn right - there are other ways, but this is the most fun drive. Get your favorite coffee drink and jam to your favorite music to get the studying out of your mind for a little while!

4. Get a soda from QT off 316

Another driving study break would be grabbing a soda from QT. Take the loop to exit 1, then turn left until you get to Oconee Connector, then take a left and you'll see QT. It's a good 15 minute drive that will give you some time away from the books.

5. Buy Christmas presents for Mom

If you're wanting a little longer of a study break, go pick up a gift for Mom. Whether this means browsing through TJ Maxx or searching through titles at 2nd and Charles, you're sure to stay entertained! (And Mom benefits, too)

Keep going! You're so close to Christmas break! :)