You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you.
- Isaiah 26:3

My favorite verse (in this season of life) is undoubtedly Isaiah 26:3, “You will keep in perfect peace those whose mind is steadfast because they trust in you.” THE PROMISE IN THIS VERSE IS LIFE-CHANGING!! I say that because this verse directly connects trusting God with having a steadfast mind, with being at peace. I wish that I had known this verse much earlier in college when I was starting to have my first relational conflicts (all healthy relationships have hard conversations) and making big decisions! For example, my first real conflict with a friend in college resulted in my mind spinning with planning what I would say if I could tell her what I really thought, how unfair the situation was, or what I was going to do to make sure that she approved of me again. However, if I had taken all of those non-stop thoughts that gave me a pit in my stomach and replaced them with thoughts of trusting God to work the situation out, I would have not been miserable for weeks until I could have that hard conversation. The truth that has “kept me in perfect peace” as I make decisions is that I will never be able to escape God and his redeeming power no matter WHERE I go! This truth (from Psalm 139) has helped me to remember that I do not need to spend days agonizing over making a decision because I can trust that God will meet me wherever I choose to be!

My prayer for you is that God would show you truth that would help your mind stay calm and keep you at peace.

- Bailey Meyne