UGA is known for having amazing dining hall meals and atmospheres - however, as a freshmen, it can sometimes be overwhelming. There are so many choices and everyone seems to already know exactly how to order and where to go. Here are a few tips from our staff on how to do the dining halls right.

1. Mix Crystal Light & Powerade

If you're feeling creative, mix the flavors of Crystal Light and Powerade for a delicious drink! For additional creativity, you can keep the colors separated. You do this by filling your cup a little less than half way with ice, then pour your first choice of flavor into the cup a little lower than the level of the ice. Next, slowly pour the next flavor on top and the colors will stay separated. Obviously, they'll mix once you drink it, but you'll look cool when you first get to your table.

2. The Mongolian

If you're looked for a meal packed with delicious protein, this is for you. Go to the grill line at ECV and ask for the Mongolian - it's philly chicken mixed with philly steak!

3. Double Drink

The cups aren't very big in the dining halls, so you're likely going to want more drink before the end of your meal. If you get two drinks your first time through the line, you likely won't have to maneuver through tables and people to go back for round two.

4. There Goes My Tray

It's likely going to happen to you or someone you know. In trying to be organized, you kept your phone or keys on your tray and then put them in the tray return. Don't worry! You can go to the person working at the entrance and they'll help you get your phone or keys back.

5. Be By Yourself

It's pretty normal that at some point, you're going to need food and none of your friends can go. It's okay to eat in the dining hall by yourself - even without looking like you're doing something really important on your computer. It's actually pretty enjoyable to have a meal alone and let your mind rest from the chaos of class, campus, Facebook, etc. No one but you gets to decide what makes you feel weird.

6. Snellebrate!

(Snellebrate = Snelling + Celebrate); You should definitely do this at least once your freshmen year. This means that, whether you have something to actually celebrate or not, you go to Snelling for longer and later than you normally with friends just to have fun. If you want to see a true Snellebration, try going after Freshley with some people in your small group!