We're beginning a new series called "Life of Jesus". During this series, we will go through different passages of the gospels to take a closer look at what Jesus' life was like here on earth. We believe this series will be very important to our understanding of the relationship we have with God because Jesus was sent as the perfect human representation of God in relationship with His people. 

We encourage you to begin by reading through Luke 3:23-38 which is the genealogy of Jesus. 

In Jewish culture, the genealogy of person was very significant. This explains why Luke would desire to mention the lineage of Jesus in introducing the background of Jesus. Luke doesn't hold back when speaking of the people whom Jesus descended from. He mentions everyone even though not everyone in the lineage of Jesus was the "best follower" of God.

If we were to go through each person, we would realize that Jesus comes from a line of a bunch of messed up people. In fact, there are adulterers, murderers, and pretty much any other "bad" thing you can think of. It is important to make note of this because it highlights the redemption that is brought through Jesus. Although there was royalty in the line, Jesus still came into the world through humble beginnings. Not only did God come to earth as a human, but God came in as a human from humble beginnings.

From this, we can be encouraged in the redemption of Jesus and also be challenged by the humility in the way Jesus came to serve others.

God, I pray that I can believe in your redemption and rest in that. Thank for the way that you came into this world and for how you displayed service. I ask that I would be willing to follow your example and walk in that. Amen.

- Daniel Bailey